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Hungry to lead in the ranks of the Sorority, assisting where needed with tasks, goals, and metric-driven opportunities.

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Enamored with the dreams and passions in serving others who are unfortunate in your communities both domestic and abroad.

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Unapologetic in  serving God for the duration of your life by giving of your time, talents and treasures to Eta Alpha.

Intentional about sharing and making space for sisters to be sisterly to you through your ups, downs, goods and bads.

If you are considering membership, we encourage you to become familiar with our Anti-Hazing Policy. We are incredibly intolerant of all hazing activities whether it's to become a member or otherwise.

We also encourage you to read our Risk Management Policy to familiarize yourself with us furthering your desire to join. This policy amplifies our goal of keeping everyone safe, protected, and risk-free.



  • All submitted paperwork will be verified

  • Any false or misleading information will disqualify the candidate indefinitely

  • We hold the right to refuse membership from anyone who fails to meet all preliminary requirements

  • Must be 21 years of age or older; and

  • Must be sound in the Christian faith; and,

  • Must possess a high-school diploma or a GED, a Bachelor's degree or higher, and must be willing to provide the required official GED certificate, or an official high school diploma, or an official college transcript; and,

  • Must have at least 3 years of real-world office, business, leadership, reporting, presentation, public speaking, conflict resolution, computer/technical, and other administrative skills and teamwork experience reflected on an a current resume; and,

  • Must have verified work experiences in a complex environment with complex tasks that require time and deadline management; and,

  • Preferably have completed at least 1 community service project within 1 year of the application submission date; and,

  • Must be willing to consent to and pay for in full, a comprehensive background check to include education, criminal, fraud, and employment verifications.


NOTE: Candidates may have dual membership in a Sorority or Fraternity that does not identify as a religious, faith-based, christian, holy or biblical-based organization.


  • 5-week Rush Intensive

  • Virtual Ceremony

  • In-person New Member Retreat

  • Committee Assignment

  • Attend Meetings

  • Community Service

Interested ladies who have been invited to join will complete a 5-week Rush intensive that will prepare them for membership. If this is a national intake session, all membership candidates will attend virtual ceremonies.


Upon completion of all requirements membership candidates will travel to an exclusive location for a new member retreat.


After the completion of the New Member Orientation, new members can elect to learn how to become leaders in the Sorority through our FACE Leadership Institute (FACE LI) managed by our Education and Training Committee.


  • All fees are refundable except the background check should the candidate fail to pass the background verifications or panel interview(s)

  • All fees have associated deadlines that must be met in full before invitations and/or full membership are extended

  • Membership Intake Session fees do not include travel, food and beverage, entertainment, nor reception attire

  • Membership Application: $30 US Dollars

  • National Background Check: $80 US Dollars

  • Membership Intake Session: $250 US Dollars​​

  • 1-year Annual Dues: $250 US Dollars


First Step.

  • Click here to formally express interest by submitting an interest form to join LiberETA, the first step towards membership consideration

Email, or our Vice President of Membership, Soror Utrena Johnson with any questions.


Please always check your spam/junk folders.

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