• Who are ages 21 and older; and

  • Who possess a high-school diploma or GED; or

  • Who possess a professional certification or a college degree; and

  • Who can successfully demonstrate leadership capabilities; and

  • Who is sound in her Christian faith, who is new to the Christian faith, or who desires to learn more about what it means to be a 'Believer' of Christ.

  • Who may have dual-membership in an organization that does not identify as a Divine 9, Christian, faith-based, spiritual-based, Bible-based, or other religious-based sorority or fraternity.


Sisters of Eta are women who understand and believe in Eta 2.0. Sisters of Eta are pioneers, driven and impactful. They are women who may or may not possess technical and leadership skills yet, they commit to putting their best foot forward and get trained to exceed minimal membership expectations. They know how to ask for help and be assertive even in the face of fear. They get that this Sorority is where you come to work to bring us from the start-up to the established, self-sustaining Sorority. 

We expect it that ladies invited to membership, will have shown a commitment to the Christian faith no matter where they are in their faith-walk. Kingdom service and sisterhood should also be a foremost priority. If you are considering membership, we encourage you to become familiar with our Anti-Hazing Policy. We are incredibly intolerant of all hazing activities whether it's to become a member or otherwise. We also encourage you to read our Who We Are Policy to familiarize yourself with us furthering your desire to join.

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Hungry to serve in the ranks of the Sorority, assisting where needed with tasks, goals, and metric-driven opportunities.

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Enamored with the dreams and passions in serving others who are unfortunate in your communities both domestic and abroad.

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Unapologetic in  serving God for the duration of your life by giving of your time, talents and treasures to Eta Alpha.

Intentional about being sisterly and making space for sisters to be sisterly to you through your ups, downs, goods and bads.


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We are delighted you are interested in joining us during our social and service events to participate and observe us in Kingdom-action which comes highly-recommended when considering expressing formal interest in Eta Alpha Sorority.


Because our national event calendar is updated often, it is suggested that you check back to make sure you are aware of all events, both in-person and virtual, so you do not miss out on what we are doing.


Membership in Eta Alpha Sorority is a privilege and not a right. It is also by invitation only, and may never be solicited.