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To educate, equip and empower our Bible-based leaders to embrace and apply Biblical principles to Eta Alpha Pi, its operations, its sisterhood, and the world in which we serve. FACE was created to equip our members, Auxies and staff with tools of faith for civic engagement and leadership, with a special focus on our global impact and reach. Our uniquely tailored graduate-level programs excite, inform, and activate participants across the Sorority's footprint to lead evangelical community change.

Brand Standards

  • Sororal Brand

  • Ministerial Brand

  • Personal Brand

  • Professional Brand


  • Mobilization

  • Human Rights

  • Jesus Culture

  • Resource Development


  • Why

  • How To's

  • National/Local Rush

  • Anti-Hazing

Operational Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Network Development

  • Personal Development

  • Presentation Development


We envision through Bold Faith. Brave Influence.a nation dominated by flourishing communities that are created and sustained by a multi-generational network of Christian leaders from Eta Alpha Pi Sorority.

PILLAR I Teach Biblically-based values and principles of civic engagement that empowers members, Auxies and staff to impact Eta Alpha Pi policies, legislature, and our communal reach.

PILLAR II Equip and empower our Bible-based leaders to influence our Sorority in how we brand, look and feel where we are seen and heard.

PILLAR III Produce/distribute culturally-relevant resources that direct leaders toward Biblical values and community engagement that leads to expansion of our membership and in increase of agents of change for the Kingdom of God.


Sorority members, Auxies and staff enter a competitive process to gain a seat for this incredible experience. All approved Sorority members, Auxies and staff receive an invitation to register for FACE in mid-March. Invitations are non-transferable unless participants are being replaced in their current position. Each Sorority member, Auxie and staff is responsible for her own registration fee and travel expenses. All other expenses (meals, hotel, etc.) are at the expense of the Sorority.


FACEstanding for Faith And Communal Empowermentaims to be a beacon of light in the Sorority that guides the steps of our leaders. It opens doors and the hearts of our members, Auxies and staff by tapping their potential on the shoulder and calling them up and out into the enlightenment. It prefers to not leave any stone unturned and no member, Auxie or staff behind while it pushes Eta Alpha Pi forward as God calls us higher.


FACE is committed to serving the entire Eta Alpha Pi community and the world by providing teachings, trainings and workshops and by hosting forums, roundtables, policy briefings, and many other events based on Biblical values and principles. Your support will enable us to reach our leaders and those up and coming, and equip them to bring positive faith-driven change to their communities.

FACE hosts programs that are live and on-demand. Primarily, our institute boasts of a 2-4-day in-person intensive that leaves each member, Auxie and staff feeling empowered and ready beyond their own potential. 

To support FACE, please donate at least $5 by clicking here.

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