Soror Meelah Lowery, the middle child of 3, grew up in a vibrant town of West Palm Beach, FL. She aspired at a young age to become a member of Florida A&M University's Marching 100 and she did just that. Prior to those aspirations, she attended church regularly, participating in various ministries such as the usher board, the junior and young adult choirs, and the Southern Baptist Convention's oratorical competitions winning 1st place often. She participated in theatrical plays and much more.


As early as 4 years of age, she attended The King's Academy, a private Christian school. During such time, she was a part of the 4-H Club as well that helped her develop her love for music by playing the clarinet and leading her to win 1st chair at a state music competition for middle and high school students. Her entrepreneurial skills kicked in early, helping her create a dance troupe called, 'Interference'. This troupe would go on and compete in various high school step shows. These step shows are what introduced her to Greek life during her middle and high school years, and she became a member of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority's youth group, the Rhoers as well as marched in the band, played volleyball and was a cheerleader in the off season.

Though Soror Lowery did not graduate from Florida A&M University, she did utilize that time in the Tallahassee area to brush up on her career goals which led her to the Information Technology field. Her A.A. degree from Palm Beach State College, coupled with her Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of South Florida and her current pursuit of a Master's of Science in Instructional Design with a focus on technology development all

gives her a rites of passage to boast of some 16+ years in the field. Her love for technology aids in the marketing strategies of our Sorority. Her love for her Savior Jesus Christ began at the age of 4 and continues today. She believes In sharing the Gospel rather than shoving it. It is that kind of approach to witnessing that we all need. We appreciate this woman for heeding the call of God and we know there is more to come.