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Our sisterhood is defined by the passion, tenacity, and breadth of every Sister of Eta who is here and who is due to come. It is our culture that feels familiar and sound. It is resilient in that while we have experienced so many great moments in our first 6 years, ones that are to never be forgotten, they have nothing on what will be.

Our sisterhood is a culture that is arguably one of the most enriching of them all and we are building it effortlessly.

Today, we have adopted 3 areas of focus:

  • Ministry- studying the Word of God, using your prophetic gifts, bearing witness by sharing the good news, fellowship and more

  • Sisterhood- devoting an unlimited amount of time to interfacing, engaging, empowering, covering, praying for, and serving each Sister of Eta

  • Sorority- effectuating the business operations by adhering to the Active and Financial status requirements

OUR ETA 2.0.

A theory-turned-concept that formed at the precipice of restructuring, rebranding and realigning with the will of God, has become the new "way of life" in Eta. Such concepts required divine direction which came from God during a time when our Founding Onyx was in a place of reflection, prayer and fasting. This time she took would birth a shift. This shift, one that God ensured would be attainable, achievable and measurable, impacts the Sorority's operation in 4 areas:


  • Traditions

  • Rituals

  • Sister Sister

  • Team-building


  • Governance

  • Influence

  • Value

  • Enrichments


  • Kingdom-serving

  • Missions

  • Outreach

  • Philanthropy


  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Resource Development

  • Resource Sustainability

  • Fraternal Collaborations


Our Mission is to serve domestic and global communities through empowerment, upliftment, and change that will impact the people within them without regard to societal labels, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, health status, age, and class through empathy, humility, followership, leadership, guidance, education, and trust.​

Our Mission is to build, shape, and define our culture, identity, independence and confidence in our capacity and capability of being the world’s most preeminent Bible-based, non-collegiate, social-service Sorority. Therefore, membership into Eta Alpha Pi Sorority, Incorporated is taken very seriously, and is not for everyone.


We Promise a Sorority of financial, civil and service contributions that affirm its exclusive yet fluid ability to build presence, giving substance to our chapters, and to our communities such as a variety of sisterly initiatives, programs, meetings, social exchanges, shared matters, conferences, collaborative development projects, webinars and social media.

We Promise a sisterhood comprised of cis-gendered women who aim to help one another throughout our faith-walk no matter where we are in our journey; a sisterhood wherein women have either professed Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, become willing to develop a personal relationship with Him as a ‘Believer’, or women who have a strong desire for a relationship with Him.


  • Founding Date: June 23, 2015

  • Founding Location: Tampa, Florida

  • Gemstone: Freshwater Pearl

  • Sorority Motto: “Give of Thyself in Servitude and In Love.”


  • Sorority Symbol: The Anchor

  • Sorority Torch: The Bible

  • Sorority Flower: Yellow Tulip

  • Sorority Mascot: The Peacock

  • Sorority Colors: Yellow, Pink, Black (ITO)

  • Silent Letter: Pi

  • Nickname: Eta Pis

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