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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It's that time of year again where families rearrange their living spaces to accommodate for the holiday's most iconic symbol, the Christmas tree. There is nothing like the smell of pine and the flickers of light to begin to stir emotions inside of us. The colors of red and green encapsulate us, the sounds of holiday music and the ongoing thoughts of shopping lists are just a few ways to ramp up the spirits of Christmas. This year will be celebrated differently for many. Covid-19 has impacted our world in ways we cannot articulate in this blog. But, humanity is resilient and we will find ways to continue the very traditions we long to experience in the face of Covid.

Our Sisters know and love this holiday all too well. There are discussions on holiday planning, gift buying, food cooking, family travel and more. What we celebrate this year are the blessings of life for ourselves and our loved ones. While we engage in the holiday hustle and bustle, we are never too busy to be reminded of why the Christmas season matters. It matters because we commemorate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He was born in a humble manger surrounded by everything but pomp and circumstance yet, He would go on to fulfill His duty as our atonement. So for us, this Christmas means so much. Jesus' birth represents life and we cannot be more thankful.

Make the most of it. Utilize the resources of the digital age we live in. If lockdowns impact you, do not let that stop you for getting in the Christmas spirit. There are ways to indulge and replenish your nostalgia of when Christmas time afforded you the ability to be mobilized. Grab your favorite candle or potpourri that can fill your rooms with scents of Christmas. Turn on a feel-good Christmas movie. Snuggle up with your holiday socks or blanket. Log onto Zoom and connect with those you love. Spend time with those who remind you of what love feels like and most of all, remember the reason for the season is Jesus. We wish you a very safe, sound, and joyous Christmas season!


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