The Event Was A Success!

Soror Maynard-Campbell participated in Tau Rho Mu Christian Sorority's Unity Revival today and shares her experience.

"Today, I attended the Tau Rho Mu Christian Sorority's Unity Revival. Presentations were given by speakers representing various sororal and fraternal Christian organizations. Unity was the theme throughout all presentations. Unity in Christ first of all, Unity within oneself, Unity within each unique organization and unity among organizations."

"It was an awesome opportunity for the organizations' representatives to reflect on how they are exhibiting their core beliefs and values as Bible-based and Christian organizations to their communities and the world. Are we sure that we are operating in the will of God and representing the Blood of Christ? In all things God must be first, for He is the reason for the formation and growth of the Bible-based and Christian organizations. It is also extremely important that we take care of and continually pray for our Founders."



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