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Soror Indeya Maxton

A national line Lambda initiate, Spring 2022, Soror Maxton has yet to disappoint! Her passion illuminates our organization and we all love her very much. We are excited to celebrate her as our Sister Spotlight!


Her Story

Indeya Maxton, a fearless woman of God. A mother to an amazing daughter and a sister to a wonderful brother.  Indeya has been on her part-time job for 31 years and her full-time job for 24 years. She loves working with people and volunteering in her spare time.  She has started a new venture in her life that includes fitness and healthy eating. On this new journey of a healthy lifestyle, she has lost almost a hundred pounds the healthy way.

She started her first job at the Tadpole Fish Camp at the age of 13 and is currently still working there part-time 31 years later.  While working there she has met some amazing people and has been acknowledged all over social media for her gentle spirit and caring heart.  In 1999, Indeya started working at Adidas and is currently still a loyal employee there.  In the past 24 years, she has accomplished being North America’s Woman of The Month and has help to break countless records in shipping with her teammates to support the business needs.

In 2023, Indeya plans to achieve every goal that she has set for herself. She knows the sky is the limit if she keeps God first. She will continue to be her unique beautiful self.  She is a fearfully and wonderfully made Woman of God. One of my favorite scriptures Psalms 139 verse 14.

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