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National Policies are the sole and proprietary protocols of Eta Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Unless expressed, written approval is granted by our National Executive Board, we prohibit all parties from copying, recording, duplicating, or pirating any digital media or text on this page or any page of this international website.


National Policy

PURPOSE: To make formal claim to our identity within the Faith-based and Greek Systems. To, with conviction, express our identity as a collective body and as an agent of change for the Kingdom of God


USE BY: All Members


SOURCE: National Executive Board, Standards Committee


HISTORY: First issued March 2020; Revised June 2020


GOVERNANCE: This Who We Are Declaration aims to provide a sound and unified voice on how we identify, how have and will always operate, and why we are the premier Bible-based, non-collegiate, social-service Sorority. Furthermore, it aims to expel any notion that our existence is about, or of anything other than what is described below. Any violation of this Who We Are Declaration, as it relates to any and all of this statement, is strictly prohibited. Those who choose to condone, participate, or have a working knowledge of any deviance away from this statement, will be subjected to sanctions including but not limited to membership expungement.



We are a distinguished sororal network of praying, professional, educated, family-oriented, team-driven, relationship-building, Kingdom-serving, and atmosphere-shifting women of God who identify as a Christian or a 'Believer', and who actively serve in the body of Christ in one capacity or another. We hold no bias towards cis-gendered females who hail from various cultural backgrounds, family circles, friendships and relationships. Our reputation for adherence to the highest standards of faith, ethics, community, political, public service, and professionalism precedes our name and our brand. All interests, pledges and members are expected to engage and serve one another with respect, dignity and unconditional love; and with that same love, impact communities all over the world.


We desire a sisterhood comprised of cis-gendered females who have professed Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, or those who are willing to develop a personal relationship with Him as a ‘Believer’. Additionally, those who join our sisterhood will be at least 21 years of age, who possess a high school diploma or GED, a college degree or a professional certificate of 3 years or more, and who have served in a leadership role within their community, church, or profession, or has the desire to become a leader as she sees fit. While these are minimum requirements, a strong work ethic, esteemed leadership qualities and the ability to lead in a complex group or community are ideal character traits we prioritize.


Members of this Sorority are committed to financial, civil and service contributions. Members of this Sorority place recruitment of new members into their respective chapters as a high-priority. This placement affirms their exclusive yet fluid ability to build presence, giving substance to their chapter and to their communities such as a variety of sisterly initiatives, programs, meetings, social exchanges, shared matters, conferences, collaborative development projects, webinars and social media. Through it all, we are afforded an incredible opportunity to build, shape, and define our culture, identity, independence and confidence in our capacity and capability of being the world’s most preeminent Bible-based, non-collegiate, social-service Sorority. Therefore, membership into Eta Alpha Pi Sorority, Incorporated is taken very seriously, and is not for everyone.


Our operation and existence begins and ends with our acknowledgement that God, the Creator of the universe is the Head of our organization. Next, we acknowledge Jesus Christ as His only begotten Son. In doing so, we remain operating in love independently and corporately. We do expect each interest, pledge and member to believe in and respect our Bible-based, Christ-centered, God-led foundation and operation at all times. Our Founding Onyx trusts that members will drive Eta Alpha Pi in excellence with the highest level of competency and attention so that in-turn, the resources necessary to carry out our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values, are given with precise execution.


Requests for guidance regarding this policy will be directed to the National Executive Board.

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